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Troop Committee Challenges

Help WantedIn our small unit, we have a limited number of parents.  This is starting to cause a problem because some of them are just ‘too busy’ to volunteer and help the Troop out.  I’m not asking any of them to run the show (and I know, as Scoutmaster I shouldn’t be asking anyone to be on the Troop Committee – but that’s another post all together).

Recently, a few parents have decided that they no longer want to serve on the Troop Committee.  I suppose that’s OK since they’ve at least served in some capacity at one point.  There are many that have never lifted a finger, and I honestly can say I don’t expect them to any time soon.

So my ‘challenge’ (I know, I know – it shouldn’t be MY challenge – but if I don’t make it mine, it just won’t happen) is this:  how to properly fill the Troop Committee with people who WANT to be there.  We have 9 new Webelos crossing over in less than a week.  I’m hoping some of them will want to help serve the Troop in one fashion or another.  I’ve already heard that one will not, however – and I’m worried that this trend will continue with the other parents.  I hope not, but I’m nervous that’s how it’s going to play out.  I can play hard-nosed or the guilt card – but I’m not very good at either.

I’m wondering if asking non-parents from our Charted Organization if they’d want to be part of the Troop Committee?  Is that something that happens a lot?  Is it a good idea?  I’d hate to open another can of worms if I do.

Anyone have any advice on this?  Comments are more than welcome here on this one.

Thank you all in advance, and keep on Scouting!


Day 57 – Venturing, too?

As if I don’t wear enough hats in Scouting – I may be getting involved in a Venturing crew now.  My daughter and wife have been waiting in the wing now for over 3 years until my daughter turned 14.  So now that she’s 14, there’s talk in our house of Venturing.  The Mrs. and I have taken as many classes as we can on Venturing so we are in the know, and I have some very good resources at my disposal if I ever have any questions regarding the Venturing program.

This will be different for me in many ways.  First, I won’t be the one in charge – that’ll be the Mrs.   Secondly, there is a lot more ‘freedom’ or ‘hands off’ when it comes to Venturing, and I know that’s something I’ll have to be very conscious of from day one, or they’ll tell me to knock it off.  But I think the whole thing will be really, really fun!

I’m hoping our church will charter a Crew as well as the Troop, but as of right now, that’s not clear.  I would sure make resources much more easily available for them from the get-go.  We’re really in the ‘talking about it’ stage.  We have informed our DE that we’d like to, but haven’t gotten much feedback from him – which is kinda surprising as I would think he’d be jumping up and down to start a new unit – but I digress.

Listened to Clarke Green’s podcast on the way to and from work today.  Really loved the part about giving advice to himself in the past.  It’s wonderful to hear that the things (Scout Drama) that happen here happen elsewhere.  If you don’t listen to his podcast, I sure suggest you give it a try!  You can find it here:  http://www.scoutmastercg.com.  A quality show, and quality information.

As I always end my Scouting emails – if you have any comments or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Day 36 – Taking Care of Business

Today brought our monthly Troop Committee meeting.  This is only the second one in a row since we started having them again (another story – for another time).  Due to a boy’s basketball playoff game out of town, we were missing a few members, but we had a decent turn out (or at least enough to hold the meeting).  Our Chartered Organization Rep was there too!

I’m very happy to tell you that we were able to successfully find a way to do an FOS.  It’s a little unconventional, but it still will be in line with what FOS is about.  We (I say WE as in the Troop Committee – as Scoutmaster I don’t have a vote) also decided to fund our upcoming Base Camp trip so the Scout’s don’t have to foot the bill.  That all came from our aluminum can trailer – a product of my Wood Badge ticket!

We also talked first aid and CPR certification.  Our CC is trained, and we all want to get certified so we’re going to look into doing that soon.  Also looking into other Red Cross training that might prove useful for summer camp, as they only allow certain trained people to distribute any medications besides a parent.

Finally, we went through our Troop ‘wish list’.  We have some funds available, so we thought we’d list out what we need and want as far as equipment.  Some of it is rather important (new flagpoles) and some of it is totally what I call the ‘Scoutmaster’s Dream’.  But, we’re going to price it all out and figure out if we can get it all, or if we have to trim the fat and prioritize it all.

All in all, it was a very productive Troop Committee meeting.  I’m glad we held it, and am very happy and excited that we’re going to keep on holding them monthly.  I didn’t realize how much the Troop suffered by not holding these meetings monthly.  And here no one thought we’d have much to talk about this month…


Day 17 – Camps, Camps and more Camps!

Tomahawk Scout Reservation Patch Yesterday was a busy day for me and Scouting.  It was mostly just downloading documents and getting all of my ducks in a row.  We’ve got three major camping events coming up, and I need to be on top of them all.

I downloaded Base Camp reservation form.  We’re planning on rock climbing, archery, ropes course and my favorite – Space Shuttle simulator!  What’s Base Camp?  Here:  http://www.explorebasecamp.org/.

I’m putting together info on Base Camp, Ripley Rendezvous and Tomahawk – lists of known costs, when they’re due – and other costs that we haven’t figured out yet (food, transportation, etc).  We may need to fund-raise for some of these.

Had to conduct a little damage control from the chartered organization post the other day.  Our Scout Executive reads this blog and became concerned about the Troop and the Chartered Organization.  Rest assured, we’re all doing fine, and I’m working on things to make our relationship stronger.  But how cool is it that our Scout Executive reads this?  Love it!

Bummed out that  our Troop won’t be participating in this year’s Klondike Derby.  We only had 4 boys show up to the meeting and they decided that 4 wasn’t enough to go.  I’ll try and get a patch still, somehow.  Will spend Saturday with the family for some long-needed time together.

I missed my first Commissioner/District meeting for our new District – had my daughter’s band concert which was excellent!  I’m very proud of the hard work they put into that program, and it shows!  Great job guys and gals!

Scout on!

Finding the Mission – Day 14

The Barnum Community United Methodist Church has been the Chartered Organization for Troop 169 for 3 years now.  The Troop is very thankful for the support the church gives us, but there are many times where it seems like we’ve just not connected correctly with them.  I say that because I see, hear and read about how many Troops have some awesome support from their Chartered Organization, and I don’t see that happening with ours.

Talking with some of the elders in the church, most of them are of the belief that Boy Scouts is just camping.  I think that this misconception is what is causing this disconnect.  And I’m pretty certain that the majority of the blame for that falls squarely on my shoulders.  When I approached the church about chartering the Troop, I didn’t do a very good job of explaining just what we do in Boy Scouts or how we can be considered a mission or ministry.  Trouble is, I’m still not totally sure how to go about it, so we can move closer to a working and supportive relationship.  I know we teach camping skills, but we also teach morals, character development, and leadership skills.  I realize I’m preaching to the choir here, so I’ll leave it at that.

I’m hoping that there’s some of you out there that might be able to point me in a good direction.  Please, if you have literature, a website, or just some general advice to help close the obvious gap between the Troop and the church, I would really appreciate it.  I would love to be one of the units to be able to brag about how wonderful the support from our Charter Org is!  Don’t get me wrong, our church is doing what it promised to do, and for that I can not complain.  I would just like to see our relationship grow and become stronger.

As far as what I did today for Scouts:

  • I downloaded the leader’s guide and sub-camp information for Tomahawk Scout Reservation.
  • Talked with our Committee Chair about Troop finances.
  • I attended and participated in our Pack’s Blue and Gold banquet.  We crossed one of three Webelos 2’s over into the Troop.  Very thankful we crossed one over, we didn’t expect any this year!