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CSP Swap – my patch collection

Left-front of my patch blanket/poncho

If you haven’t heard by now, there’s a whole bunch of us on Twitter that have gotten involved in swapping out council strips with each other.  It’s really fun, and if you haven’t gotten involved in it yet and would like to, hit me up on Twitter.  My handle there is @MNScoutmaster – and I’ll be happy to get the ball rolling for you!

I not a typical patch collector.  I’m not trying to get every patch available.  I’m not trying to get all the cool patches.  I prefer to have a connection to each patch I have.  Typically this has been patches from places I’ve been or events I’ve attended.  The only exception to this rule is my OA flap collection.  I’m trying (kind of) to collect all of the old flaps from my old lodge that no longer exists.  Trouble is, for years they were restricted and thus are hard to find and expensive!  But, I have a few and keep my eyes open….it’ll be a life long thing I have no doubts.

Front-right of my patch blanket/poncho

The question has come up recently in some posts and tweets as to what to do with all the patches.  Well, here’s what I have done.  I have 2 ways of displaying my patches.  My event patches are on my patch blanket/poncho.  I’m way behind on sewing them on, but you can see from the pictures I’ve done my fair share of sewing so far.  Back patches and my Many Point puzzle patch collection are on the back, and the rest of them, dating back to 1983 are on the front.

Back of my patch blanket/poncho

My other method of collecting is plastic sleeves.  Yea, I can’t really display them as easily this way, but I keep them safe and organized this way.  This is where my OA flaps and all the CSP’s I’ve been getting go.  If you send me a note with the CSP, I put that behind it – makes it that much more personal to me.

All my CSP's and OA flaps

Anyone have other ways of displaying your patches?  I’m always interested in seeing how others collect and display what they have.  I have a ‘Scouting wall’ in the living room as well that’s full of my awards and plaques, but I don’t know if all those patches would fit or be allowed to be there.

As you can see from the last photo, I still have a ton of patches to put on – but it’s tough to want to sit down with a wool blanket in July and sew stuff on.  I typically wait until winter to do stuff like this as it’s a little easier.

Always more to sew on....