Day 67 – 73: Catching Up!

Well, since it been nearly a week since I’ve written anything prepare to get an ear (or is it eye) full.  It’s been a busy week Scout-wise and non-Scout wise.

First off, we had our Troop meeting on Monday night.  Our newly appointed SPL wasn’t going to be there, and the ASPL couldn’t make the PLC the week before, so I knew there was going to be a little confusion this evening on what was planned and how to execute it.

We meet at 7pm.  7:15 rolls around and no one has decided to start the meeting.  I informed all the leaders and parents there that we all needed to let go a little and let them run this, and if that meant starting at 8pm versus 7pm then so be it.  Thankfully the ASPL finally realized what time it was and got the ball rolling around 7:20.  I was proud of all my adult leaders and parents for letting that little thing go, as it wasn’t easy for some of them (myself included).  Baby steps, right?

Another amazing thing happened that night.  Our younger patrol (the one full of Scout ranked boys and one Tenderfoot) decided that they wanted to go camping as a Patrol.  I sat with them for a while to listen to what they were working on, but the minute I walked away the real planning started.  I was amazed and impressed at how much they figured out in about 20 minutes.  Sure, they have lots of stuff to consider and plan for yet if they want to see this happen, but they sure got the ball rolling and if they keep it up will have themselves a fun weekend at some point this summer!

Tuesday we had a Troop Committee meeting.  Not a whole lot of exciting stuff there, except for the fact that we decided to order new equipment (stoves, rope, flag poles, etc…).  We ought to be really set for camping season this year with this new stuff.  We had a very successful fundraiser earlier this year and now we get to reap the rewards!  No Scoutmaster lounge yet, but I need to be patient for that (ha ha).  We also welcomed a new adult into the fold.  He’s going to be a merit badge counselor for now to see how he likes and go from there.

I checked the Guide to Safe Scouting on splitting mauls, as one of our ASM’s was wondering if it wouldn’t be safer for the older boys to use that when trying to split larger pieces of wood.  Yes, I know, it would be better if they just avoided larger pieces of wood – but sometimes firewood is scarce.  If we do get a maul, we’ll have special training and individual evaluation before anyone would be able to use it.  I double checked with our DE and he agreed that would be the best solution if we do get a splitting maul.

Wednesday was Church night, and a baseball meeting.  During the baseball meeting, it was brought up that our main baseball/softball fields does not have any concession area.   As it just so happens, my Life Scout is currently exploring options for his Eagle project and was contemplating possibly building a concession stand as his Eagle project.  So being the good Scoutmaster that I am, I made sure the baseball board was aware of his intentions.  I then saw said Scout at church that evening and told him to be sure to contact the athletic director ASAP if he wanted to be able to use that idea as his project.  So even on a non-Scouting night it seems to come right back to Scouting in one fashion or another.

And for the first time this week, I didn’t really do anything Scouting today.  Well, except for writing this blog.  It’s OK, I don’t mind.

Until next time my fellow Scout friends!


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2 responses to “Day 67 – 73: Catching Up!

  • Scoutmaster Shawn

    Whew, thought you either gave up or something.

    • MNScoutmaster

      Nah, just been really busy and a little under the weather. Hard to stay up and blog when your eyes burn and you just wanna sleep.

      I’m feeling better now, and I’m going to try and be more diligent about blogging.

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