Day 64 – Life to Eagle

Tonight I attended a Life to Eagle seminar at Gander Mountain in Duluth.  My Troop currently has one Life Scout who is working on Eagle, and a few Star Scouts who are pretty close to earning their Life rank, so it was worth it for me to get the refresher on what all needs to happen.  I’ve only had one Eagle come through the Troop, so I don’t have a whole lot of experience yet with this.  I’m also very curious to see how I’m going to feel/react when the first Scout that I’ve had in the Troop from the beginning earns that Eagle.  I might get a little emotional…

With me at the meeting was said Life Scout and one of the Star Scouts who’s – and this is his words – ‘half a merit badge away from earning Life’.  It was a very well attended meeting, which is nice to see!  Glad there are a lot of Scouts interested and close to earning Scouting’s highest rank.  I think there were 4 Dads/Leaders in the room, and about 8 or more Mom’s.  Is it true that behind every Eagle Scout there’s a pushy Mom?  I’ve heard it quite a bit, but I have yet to make my own observation on that.

Funniest thing I saw while there – the presenter – a Scouter who has been doing Eagle BOR’s since the early 90’s – informs all the parents, especially the Moms out there that they need to let their Scout do all the planning and work for the Eagle project.  If the Board suspects that Mom and Dad did it versus the Scout – they’ll be denied.   Then, every Mom in the room turns to their Scout and orders them to write that down.  I got a few looks for snickering, but hey, it was kinda amusing.

Right before the meeting, I received a call from a former Scout who lives in the area and is interested in helping the Troop out by being a merit badge counselor.  Sweet!  I got his contact info and just sent him the merit badge form to fill out.  He’s coming to our Committee meeting next week so we can be properly introduced, and fill out the necessary paperwork.  It’s really nice when someone who doesn’t have a child in Scouting steps up to help.

Until Tomorrow. . .



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