Day 63 – PLC

We held our PLC tonight with just 3 boys (SPL, one PL and one APL), but it went well.  I let the SPL have the reigns of the meeting, and although it was a long meeting time-wise, we were able to get the stuff planned that we needed to.  I just had to remember that these boys can’t focus for long periods of time, and just about every thing planned comes with at least one story from each and every boy.  I let it all happen, and in the end we still accomplished what was needed without me being the ring leader.

So we planned the next 2 Troop meetings, discussed what needed to be done at each meeting, and what other events we have coming up that need sign-ups/payments.  We also discussed helping out Chartered Org out by helping with games for the vacation bible school.  I’m glad they agreed to help – maybe me reminding them that it will count as service hours towards advancement helped, ya never know!

So far, this transition is going surprisingly well.  So much so, that I’m finding that I kind of keep waiting for the big bomb.  That moment where I’ll question whether or not I should have put these changes into motion.  Maybe it won’t come, but for some reason I’m still apprehensive about all the changes, and if they’re going to work.  But I know that it works – you guys and gals keep telling me it works, and I see it working elsewhere  – so I know.  It’s all good, right?



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