Day 60 – TLT Time!

Tomorrow morning I’m leading Troop Leadership Training (TLT, or sometimes still referred to as JLT).  I think I have it all put together – so wish me luck!  This is only the second time our Troop has done this, and thus it’s my second time as well.  Should be every 6 month, and I’m hoping to stick to it this time.

I’ve got the projector, the laptop, the PowerPoint presentation ready.  I’ve got the syllabus, the books, the position cards.  I’ve got all my ducks in a row.  Am I nervous?  Nah, not really.  I always have a bit of apprehension with training, though but I suppose that’s a good thing.

I’m really excited to train these Scouts  – I have high hopes that they can start to turn our Troop around and get us heading in the right direction.  Only time will tell though, and so I have to have patience…….which is sometimes easier than it sounds.

Tonight I put the final touches on the TLT stuff for tomorrow.  I also filled out our summer camp deposit form, and got all the money put together for the Troop.  Gonna hand it off tomorrow to our CC and he’ll cut one big check for the deposit.  Then we’re one step closer to summer camp!

I know I’ve said this a bunch of times on here now, but I am still thinking and working up the courage to finally sit down and try my hand at doing a podcast.  I don’t think my microphone is very good, but I can’t justify spending any money on a better one if I don’t at least try and make one with what I have.  I just need to script it out as best I can, and sit in a quiet room (hard to do here in my house) and go for it.  Any words of wisdom?  Words of encouragement?  Words of warning?

Tomorrow will be fun, I think.   It’s a very important step in building the leadership of our Troop, and of our Scouts.


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