Day 57 – Venturing, too?

As if I don’t wear enough hats in Scouting – I may be getting involved in a Venturing crew now.  My daughter and wife have been waiting in the wing now for over 3 years until my daughter turned 14.  So now that she’s 14, there’s talk in our house of Venturing.  The Mrs. and I have taken as many classes as we can on Venturing so we are in the know, and I have some very good resources at my disposal if I ever have any questions regarding the Venturing program.

This will be different for me in many ways.  First, I won’t be the one in charge – that’ll be the Mrs.   Secondly, there is a lot more ‘freedom’ or ‘hands off’ when it comes to Venturing, and I know that’s something I’ll have to be very conscious of from day one, or they’ll tell me to knock it off.  But I think the whole thing will be really, really fun!

I’m hoping our church will charter a Crew as well as the Troop, but as of right now, that’s not clear.  I would sure make resources much more easily available for them from the get-go.  We’re really in the ‘talking about it’ stage.  We have informed our DE that we’d like to, but haven’t gotten much feedback from him – which is kinda surprising as I would think he’d be jumping up and down to start a new unit – but I digress.

Listened to Clarke Green’s podcast on the way to and from work today.  Really loved the part about giving advice to himself in the past.  It’s wonderful to hear that the things (Scout Drama) that happen here happen elsewhere.  If you don’t listen to his podcast, I sure suggest you give it a try!  You can find it here:  A quality show, and quality information.

As I always end my Scouting emails – if you have any comments or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact me.



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