Day 51 – I don’t need training! (or do i?)

“I don’t need training!”  First off, I don’t believe that for one minute.  But there are those out there who feel that their other trainings in their jobs/life mean that they have all the experience being a leader that they’ll ever need.  I think each and every leader deserves to be trained so they can successfully deliver the Scouting program.  If we all have the same ‘base’ BSA training, then we’ll all be on the same page and understanding while trying to deliver the Scouting program.  All of our outside training and life experiences should enhance our core training and be a great compliment to each of us.  I also firmly believe that there’s always something new to learn, something new to experience – otherwise this thing would get pretty boring after a while.

Some also feel that since they’ve volunteered to be a leader, and give of their time, that they shouldn’t give of their money in order to become trained.  I can see their point here.  That being said, I feel that most of this training that costs (Wood Badge, for example) is not only training for BSA – its quality leadership training for life.  I’ve used so much of what I’ve learned at Wood Badge in other aspects of my life that I have found it to be a very valuable thing.  Also – most, if not all training that is required for each position is free.  It’s the supplemental stuff that typically costs.  And that’s a personal choice, really.  I would encourage all leaders to consider Wood Badge, however.

Every Scout deserves to be led by trained leaders.  I urge you to get the training needed for your position in Scouting, no matter what it is.  There’s always something to learn!


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