Day 48 – full speed ahead!

Boy, I tell ya.  A few busy days go by and suddenly I’m like ‘jeeze, did I write my blog entry today – no.  Oh well, I’ll do it tomorrow’.  Well, tomorrow turned into a few days.  And now it’s Sunday and I have to dig deep into my memory to figure out  what the heck I’ve done since Thursday.  I think I remember…

Thursday was a very long and late night.  Attended the District Commissioner’s meeting and the District Meeting up at the Council Service Center.  Good meetings!  I was able to tell all the commissioners about the Roundtable survey I created and about the Commissioner’s forum page I created.  Hopefully these two things will help our Commissioner staff at least a little.  I found out I’m currently also the only one on the ‘Building a Better Brand’ pillar on the District Committee.  It’s OK though, I have ideas and the things I’ve implemented so far seem to have been met with approval.

Friday was a pretty quiet Scouting day.  besides the fact that our newly created District has put out the vote for what we want the name to be.  My interest in this is pretty great, considering one of my suggestions made it onto the final ballot.  So, we’ll see what comes of it and I’ll pass the results on to all of you.

On Saturday, I practiced one of the points of the Scout Law – a Scout is Clean.  I helped clean our master bathroom while the Mrs. worked on our bedroom.  It now almost feels like when we first bought the house, it’s so clean!  We also went and purchased a really nice vacuum cleaner (it was on clearance for over 1/2 off, so we really upgraded!).  With 2 dogs in the house, we needed a pretty good one, or the $100 one would be dead in no time.  Love my dogs, don’t love how much hair they shed!   I also made some killer home made ribs for dinner last night!  I love cooking, wish I had more time to do it.

Today, I practiced another one of the Scout Law points – a Scout is Reverent.  Church – now home for the day.  Finally have some down time to write this, and I’m starting to think I need to work on my podcast as well.  I also need to get the church’s sermon up on their podcast as well.  My job is never done!

I hope you all have a great day – hope to write again tomorrow!


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