Day 44 – busy days!

These last few days have been pretty busy for me both at work and in Scouts – the main reason I haven’t been able to update this blog for a few days.  Today, thankfully, I was able to head directly home from work and am now watching the Twins play Baltimore in a spring training game.  Love it!

Monday we had our Troop meeting.  Handed out sign up forms for our upcoming Base Camp trip, and collected orders for a new T-shirt and hat order.  Also started collecting money for summer camp deposits.  So, I got to play book keeper in the beginning.  Sat with the younger Scouts and helped them with their Leave No Trace requirement for 2nd Class and their hiking safety requirement for Tenderfoot.

We also held Troop elections!  We now have a new Senior Patrol Leader – and in my opinion, he’s gonna do great.  Once we get through TLT, that is.  He was the ASPL for quite some time already – and since our last SPL wasn’t around much due to other commitments, he’s already had a taste of being in charge.

Tuesday I started peeking at the Scoutmaster Handbook you see in the picture.  It came from a Troop that kind of ‘merged’ with ours a few years back – and we finally got all of their materials on Monday.  I haven’t really looked much at this version (as I have the new version) but I’m curious to see if there’s any difference.  Fun to look at the pictures – and how ‘posed’ everyone is.

Yesterday and today I worked on creating an online survey for our Roundtable.  Ran it by our DE and Scout Exec, and they all seemed to like it and helped me tweak it with better worded answers and more questions.  One district passed it out today to their memebers, and I’m sure the other district will see it tomorrow.  It was neat to see the Council get behind me on this one and give me the green light.  I hope we gather some valuable data from it to improve how we do Roundtables.

Tonight I’m also working on subject matter for my podcast idea.  I figure I’m going to need quite a bit of material to talk about before I start actually recording stuff – so I can be sure that I have enough material!  This is all pretty fun at this point – so I’m going to keep on it.

I hope you all have a wondeful Scouting day!


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