Day 37 – work and fun

Today I sent out a few emails to our DE about how we’re going to handle FOS and a question or two on surveys and Troop Committee functions.  He must have been out in the field most of the day as I got a flood of responses late in the afternoon.

Tonight, I re-w0rked our Troop logo a little bit.  The inner image (the BSA logo, if you will) was pretty detailed and wasn’t coming out very well in screen printing and embroidery.  So I simplified it big time and wound up with something pretty nice!  I think it’ll look sharper both in print and in thread.

I had a minor heart attack later in the day when an automated summer camp system sent me a message informing me that our Troop’s reservation for this year was expired for no reason.  I quickly forwarded it to the appropriate camp staff, and found out they goofed….but for a moment there, I was pretty freaked out wondering why in the world they would cancel our reservation without warning.  I’m glad I don’t have to explain that one to the boys at the next meeting!

Subscribed to the MISS podcast today.  Interesting to hear the female’s point of view on Scouting (I do get it daily from the Mrs., as she’s in deep in Scouting as well) .  Nice job ladies!  I also subscribe to the SMM podcast and the Leader’s Campfire podcast.  I’m enjoying them all at the moment, and it’s really inspiring me to try and do one myself.  Still not sure how/when I’ll work on it – but I want to.  Anyone else have the same interest?  Maybe collaborate?  Always looking for tips and suggestions!

Have you taken my poll yet?  I’m just curious the level of experience that reads my works.  Nothing scientific or even that important, but a kinda neat-to-have bit of information for me.  Always good to know your audience, right?


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