Day 36 – Taking Care of Business

Today brought our monthly Troop Committee meeting.  This is only the second one in a row since we started having them again (another story – for another time).  Due to a boy’s basketball playoff game out of town, we were missing a few members, but we had a decent turn out (or at least enough to hold the meeting).  Our Chartered Organization Rep was there too!

I’m very happy to tell you that we were able to successfully find a way to do an FOS.  It’s a little unconventional, but it still will be in line with what FOS is about.  We (I say WE as in the Troop Committee – as Scoutmaster I don’t have a vote) also decided to fund our upcoming Base Camp trip so the Scout’s don’t have to foot the bill.  That all came from our aluminum can trailer – a product of my Wood Badge ticket!

We also talked first aid and CPR certification.  Our CC is trained, and we all want to get certified so we’re going to look into doing that soon.  Also looking into other Red Cross training that might prove useful for summer camp, as they only allow certain trained people to distribute any medications besides a parent.

Finally, we went through our Troop ‘wish list’.  We have some funds available, so we thought we’d list out what we need and want as far as equipment.  Some of it is rather important (new flagpoles) and some of it is totally what I call the ‘Scoutmaster’s Dream’.  But, we’re going to price it all out and figure out if we can get it all, or if we have to trim the fat and prioritize it all.

All in all, it was a very productive Troop Committee meeting.  I’m glad we held it, and am very happy and excited that we’re going to keep on holding them monthly.  I didn’t realize how much the Troop suffered by not holding these meetings monthly.  And here no one thought we’d have much to talk about this month…



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