Day 35 – PLC

Today we held our PLC.  It was a pretty good meeting.  First off, we had all but one youth leader attend – that’s a good thing!  Secondly, it was a very productive meeting – we were able to plan 2 Troop meetings and get everything squared away for our upcoming Troop elections and OA elections.

I’ve found that I just can’t sit back at this point for PLC’s – the boys just can’t seem to stay focused and on track.  I try to back off as much as possible, but it seems like if I don’t ask the questions to get them going, they’d sit there all night.  I’m hoping after elections and TLT that this will change.

Got an awesome email from @SM_Phil about how to try and get more attendance at Roundtables.  Thank you sir!  I will try and work those ideas into our Roundtable plans as best as possible, and we’ll see what comes of it.  I also want to thank all of those in the #SCOUTNATION who gave me pointers on my recent FOS quandry.  I’m finding the Twitter-verse and this blog are sure great ways to ask questions and get answers from so many of you wonderful Scouters all over the country!  Thank you to all!  Hopefully it will all be worked out for the best tomorrow at our Troop Committee meeting.


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3 responses to “Day 35 – PLC

  • Bryan Spellman

    Nice job! I jump in occationally still, but they run it well…let them drift..have a little fun, actual work comes from a happy group 🙂

  • SM Phil

    You are very welcome. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I didn’t have this great online community of Scouters to pull from. Least I can do is fire some stuff back out there. I hope they help. Let me know how it comes out and if you find anything else that works.

  • Dave Sauer

    PLC – You’re doing it exactly right. Asking questions is all about teaching and mentoring. If you ask the questions enough, pretty soon they’ll be asking the questions first. Nice job!

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