Day 31 – ‘floaters’

I don’t know if our Troop has the distinction of being the only unit out there with this particular issue, but I doubt it.  What I’m talking about is parents (and sadly, some leaders) sitting in the back of the room during Troop meetings and chit-chatting with each other the entire meeting.  At times, they are disruptive, and at other times seem to be there so their Scout doesn’t have to be responsible taking notes on upcoming events or things like that.

I don’t have issue telling the parents that if they want to stay during the meetings, that they kindly head to another room so we can meet without the distractions.  I’ve done that before, and I can do that again.  It’s the leaders.  How do I bring something like that up  to them and not sound all Mr. Mean Scoutmaster on them?   I think that’s something I may bring up at our Roundtable tonight.  Hopefully I can get a suggestion or two from the good folks who come to them.

I’m also going to ask the boys at next weeks PLC what they think we ought to do about it, or if they even perceive it as an issue.  It is their Troop, after all and I need to remember that.  Maybe they’ll see it another way…

Today I wound up staying home with a sick boy.  So, I looked up Leave No Trace info for tonight’s Roundtable.  And of course, I’ll be co-heading our Roundtable this evening.  Any suggestions on how to get more Scouters to attend?  Does anyone out there go to Roundtables that have the ‘hook’ – that thing that gets you to want to attend?  I’d love to hear what others are doing!

I think I”m going to keep my podcast dream just a dream for now.  I don’t think I have the material to talk about  that isn’t already talked about on other podcasts.  I’ll keep it in the back of my mind, however.  If anyone wants to chip in ideas or thoughts – I’m always willing to listen!



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