Day 29 – Back at it

After the day I had yesterday at work, I swore I wasn’t even turning on my laptop at home – and I stuck to it (mostly).  So there is your explanation for why there is no Day 28 post.  I did lots of Scouting stuff, though!  So without further ado:

Day 28:  Held our Troop meeting as usual.  Only 5 of the 12 boys attended – so that’s a bit of a disappointment, especially since I handed out quite a bit of important information for upcoming events (summer camp, troop elections, etc…).  Regardless, the boys that did make it were able to get lots accomplished as we’re now working on getting everyone back on track advancement-wise and everything-else-wise as well.

Day 29: Worked with the Mrs. on planning the Roundtable this Thursday.  Asked one of my Asst. Scoutmasters if he’d be able to give a quick overview of Leave No Trace.  Sadly, he’s unavailable but is going to leave me some material to cover.  My bad for not planning further in advance.  On a good note, I’m already working on guests for the April Roundtable, so I shouldn’t have this issue anymore.

I also updated Troopmaster with all the adult leader’s training, and got up to date in TroopLedger.

I’m still trying to come up with something for a podcast – I’m not sure quite yet what exactly it is I want to do, and I’m honestly not in a big rush with this one, as I have a steep learning curve ahead of me to make anything I would consider ‘quality’ as far as a podcast would go.


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