Day 27 – Playing around

Yesterday was a wonderfully relaxing family day.  I sure do appreciate those days, especially since last month was totally nuts.  Anyone else have a super crazy February as far as Scouting goes?  I’m thankful things have slowed down (so now I can play!)

Today I wound up reviewing what’s happening tomorrow at the Troop meeting.  I think we’ve got a good plan in place to help the newer boys advance, and also a plan for the older boys to keep them interested and engaged.  Only time will tell, I suppose and getting our Troop back on track can’t happen in one meeting.  I am getting pumped to see our new plan in action, though.  We may be a small Troop, but we can be an excellent one regardless!

I also started reading and playing with podcasts.  Man, it’s really odd to listen to your own voice over and over again as you try to find the right words.  I don’t ever seem to be happy with what I’m saying – or even more importantly – HOW I’m saying it.  Anyone else go through this?  Does it get better?

I know this first test podcast is gonna be rough.  I’m not only learning how to talk into a microphone, I’m also learning how to properly organize my thoughts and get them to come out without a bunch of ‘ahhh’s and ‘uhhhh’s.  Are there any tips/tricks?  Should I write it all out, or just use bulleted notes?  Advice is appreciated.  I know several of you out there that hopefully peek at this have some experience in this realm – HELP!


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One response to “Day 27 – Playing around

  • Hope

    Come to Toastmasters where you practice all of the above!

    Other than that, practice practice practice. I’m a writer first, so I write out my entire speech, practice it, then write bullet points on notecards to help me stay on track, then practice some more, than do it without the notecards.

    I have no idea if a podcast is just sound or if there is video too, but if it’s just sound, write up what you want to say, practice it several times, and then just read it off the paper since you don’t have to worry about how you’re standing or making eye contact.

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