Day 24 – podcasts

So yesterday and today, I’ve been working on our church website – trying to figure out how to make our sermons into podcasts.  Well, it took me a little bit of time and a little bit of effort – but I finally got it tonight and I’m very proud of myself!  Yea me!

That being said, I’ve also been listening to some of the wonderful Scouting podcasts that are available.  PTC Media has several great podcasts – like the SMM (Scoutmaster’s Minute) and The Leader’s Campfire.

Now, here’s where I can get myself into trouble.  I start thinking ‘gee, I bet I could do a podcast, too!’.  Well, yea – I could.  I think.  Trouble is, do I have the time?  I’m not sure.  Do I have the content?  Maybe – not sure about that either.  I have enough material to blog – does that translate into a podcast?  I have years of Scouting experience and lots of training – does that translate into good material?  Geeze, I just don’t know.

I think for now I’m going to put the podcast idea on the shelf.  See how I feel about it in a month or two, and if I still feel as strongly as I do now about it I will pursue it.

Last couple of days I’ve been doing the following Scouting things:

  • Set up Troopmaster Web and created all the usernames and passwords for everyone.  I see this as a great tool to get our data up to date and keep it up to date much more quickly than I was ever able to do alone.
  • Started working on this month’s Roundtable with the Mrs.  One of us won’t be there as there’s a meeting for future high schoolers that night, and my oldest son needs to be there.  So we need to have this Roundtable ready to roll for whichever one of us is going to run the show.
  • Listened to several Scouting podcasts.  Totally enjoy listening to other’s opinions and enthusiasm!

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