Physical Fitness – Day 19

The BSA has been pushing physical fitness recently.  It’s especially noticeable in their latest and greatest health form.  There are now strict guidelines for height/weight limits, and are apparently being strictly enforced.  We recently had a Scout that wasn’t allowed to participate in a High Adventure base because of his weight.  Although I completely agree with the BSA on stressing physical fitness, it seems they went from one extreme to the other.

For high adventure, I totally understand.  You’re going to be farther away from emergency help if needed, and so the less risk there is of an issue, the better.  You’ll also be pushing yourself harder than usual so having some weight restrictions is understandable.  However, there seems to be no distinction between high adventure and your everyday run of the mill scout outing.  I’m referring to summer camp, specifically.

See, I’m not what you would call slim.  I have what you might want to call the ‘Scoutmaster’ shape.  Now, I’m not saying I’m out of shape completely – but I could use some work to be sure.  My main concern is how one day it was A-OK to be in the shape I’m currently in, and now it’s not.  Give me some time, eh?  Give us all some time, please?  I’m trying to slim down – and it’s working, but come on – how about a little transition?  Someone recently pointed out that our National Scout Executive isn’t what you’d call ‘Philmont ready’.  Shouldn’t he be setting the first and best example?

Ok, I’m done ranting for now.  I’m working on losing weight and getting into shape.  I’m doing it for the boys, and for my family.  I’m hoping to set the example for the boys in our Troop – I just wish they’d have let us work towards it for non-high adventure stuff.

Yesterday – did nothing Scouting!  Went to dinner and a movie with 4/5ths of my family.  Fun evening!

Today – did a little work in Troopmaster – worked out when to sign the recharter with our Committee Chair – and wrote this blog.

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend everyone!


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