Day 17 – Camps, Camps and more Camps!

Tomahawk Scout Reservation Patch Yesterday was a busy day for me and Scouting.  It was mostly just downloading documents and getting all of my ducks in a row.  We’ve got three major camping events coming up, and I need to be on top of them all.

I downloaded Base Camp reservation form.  We’re planning on rock climbing, archery, ropes course and my favorite – Space Shuttle simulator!  What’s Base Camp?  Here:

I’m putting together info on Base Camp, Ripley Rendezvous and Tomahawk – lists of known costs, when they’re due – and other costs that we haven’t figured out yet (food, transportation, etc).  We may need to fund-raise for some of these.

Had to conduct a little damage control from the chartered organization post the other day.  Our Scout Executive reads this blog and became concerned about the Troop and the Chartered Organization.  Rest assured, we’re all doing fine, and I’m working on things to make our relationship stronger.  But how cool is it that our Scout Executive reads this?  Love it!

Bummed out that  our Troop won’t be participating in this year’s Klondike Derby.  We only had 4 boys show up to the meeting and they decided that 4 wasn’t enough to go.  I’ll try and get a patch still, somehow.  Will spend Saturday with the family for some long-needed time together.

I missed my first Commissioner/District meeting for our new District – had my daughter’s band concert which was excellent!  I’m very proud of the hard work they put into that program, and it shows!  Great job guys and gals!

Scout on!


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