100 Days of Scouting – Day 13

I’ve missed day 11 and 12 – and for good reason!  I was busy doing what Scoutmasters do best – being out with the Troop on an outing!  So this one might be a little long, but I’m sure you can all understand.

Day 11 – Wound up leaving work early as I wasn’t feeling well (lots of stuff going around).  Went home and rested.  Had to run to town to find a converter for my truck so the lights on the Troop trailer would work.  I apparently haven’t hauled it with my truck yet – didn’t really realize that.  Met the rest of the guys at 6pm, and headed off to Camp Barnum.  With the recent warm weather we’ve had, the driveway to camp was all ice, and pretty tricky to get all the way up to the cabin.  Once we were there, though, it was a great time.  Friday night, the boys unpacked, played games and had a few snacks.  Got the duty roster set up and the rest of the weekend’s schedule figured out.  Typical Friday night fare for this camp, really.

Day 12 – Got up and the boys made build your own egg mcmuffin-like breakfast sandwiches.  Then it was free time.  Typically at Arctic Blast, that means sliding down the steep hills around the area, but with the recent warm weather – they were either lacking snow or were all ice and full of bumps.  So, they tried to hit the hills, but wound up just playing in what snow was left as the hills hurt just too much.  Lunch was home made chicken noodle dumpling soup.  It was fantastic!  Very hearty and rib-sticking and just the thing to get us through the rest of the day until dinner time.  The boys practiced some morse code for the upcoming Klondike Derby (see pic) and also worked on some advancement.  Then it was back outside for more free time, until one of the boys took an ice chunk to the face, it then it was time to come in and practice some practical first aid.  After that, we practiced lashings – and prepared for dinner.  They boys chose to do a Mexican theme –  so we had tacos and Mexican baked potatoes.  After dinner it was campfire time – and while the boys were getting the fire going, our Committee Chair whipped up a couple of chocolate cakes and topped them with cherry pie filling.  A wonderful treat for the evening!  Some boys were in bed by 10 – others stayed up later and were just talking – so I let them stay up later than usual.

Day 13 – Started out with the threat of some nasty winter weather approaching, but we didn’t see any signs of it so we chose to stick with our plan for the day and have a decent breakfast then pack up and head home.  Everyone was moving a little slower this morning as all the ice and outside fun was even tougher on the boys this year.   French toast and bacon for breakfast.  We then packed up, cleaned the cabin and prepared to head out.  Scary moment when I turned the trailer around – tried to stop on the icy driveway and just kept on going.  I finally got the truck to stop – as I had to make it back to the cabin to lock it up.  Everyone saw what happened, and stayed back even farther on the way out of the driveway.  Got home to a sick wife – and have been doing what I can to make her feel better since.

I’m tired.  Had a great time though, and am proud of all the boys in the Troop who came.  Everyone under First Class got things signed off in the their books (if they remembered to bring them).  I also got to have some good conversations with our Committee Chair on ideas for improving and keeping the Troop a viable and well-oiled operation.  I hope some of you had similar Scouting experiences this weekend as well!  It was really nice to have the ‘outing’ in Scouting this weekend!


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