Webelos Cross-Over

Webelos to Scout TransitionIt looks like this year, our Troop won’t be crossing any Webelos 2’s over.  We have 2 feeder Packs, and yet none of them seem interested or excited to join our Troop.  This is obviously a little bit of a shock, and definitely a little bit of a wake up call to me and the rest of us in our Troop.

What are we doing wrong?

Well, for starters we don’t interact with either of our feeder Packs at all during the year.  That’s something I hope to change soon.  Not sure how we’ll do it yet, but it needs to happen.  I’m hoping we can get someone on the Committee to take charge of that.

Another thing we should do is try and implement the Den Chief program. In our Troop, you need to be 1st Class or higher.  Well, most of those guys are in other leadership positions, so I’m considering modifying that.  I know of one Scout right now that would be excellent as a Den Chief, but can’t at this moment due to the rank restrictions.

Scouting Magazine had a good article a while ago (2007) in their ‘Front Line Stuff’ that specifically addressed this:  http://www.scoutingmagazine.org/issues/0701/d-flin.html.  Most of this is how to deal with the boys who do cross over – and doesn’t really address how we as a Troop need to work with the Packs more closely to try and show those boys on the threshold of Boy Scouts that we’re fun and worth the effort.

All in all, I think I may have a good handle on what we can do on our end to help get more boys to cross over into the Troop.  This year is definitely a rebuilding year for us as far as leadership, organization and program so I’m partially grateful that we don’t have to deal with a huge influx of new boys.  A few would have been nice, though.


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One response to “Webelos Cross-Over

  • SM Shawn

    You are the Scoutmaster, do away with that requirement for being a Den Chief. A rank doesn’t or age shouldn’t matter who would or wouldn’t make a good Den Chief. I understand that most councils won’t offer DC Training to anyone who isn’t 13 or 1st class…train him yourself.

    As for how to get your face in front of those packs, listen to True North, Show 29. I tossed out some ideas on different things to do to keep that relationship with your pack, going. Nice blog, glad to have found it…keep up the great work!

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