100 Days of Scouting

Flag CeremonyI wasn’t going to jump on the ‘100 Days of Scouting’ bandwagon, being that I’m new to this blogging thing, and didn’t know if I would have enough material for a full 100 days.  I can’t do a full 100 days now, but I can recap my last 2 days and go from there.  I’ll throw the occasional other blog post in here as well, as I have a few I’m already working on.

Day 1:  Sent photos to a local paper that is going to publish an article about our recent fundraiser.  Later that day, the reporter called and interviewed me for the article.  Finalized numbers for our annual ‘Arctic Blast’ winter camp.  Worked with our church to finalize the who/what/where for Scout Sunday (Methodist’s do it the Sunday after everyone else)

Day 2: Passed on information to the Troop on a merit badge extravaganza happening next month in our Council.  Was invited to our new District’s first Commissioners meeting and District meeting as I’m the new Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner.  Learned a little more about the new Journey To Excellence program, as well as my first peek at the new Tour Plan that is replacing the Tour Permits next month.  Followed a bunch of Scouters on my Twitter account, and decided to give the ‘100 Days of Scouting’ a go.

All caught up now – *phew*!  I will update what I do today once today is over.  Until then, happy Scouting!


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